We offer both a multi-filament braided sinking trap line an a floating polypro rope. Additionally, we stock power cord (bungee), nylon rope, jute twine and rubber tubing.

Polypro Rope

Available in:

  • 1/4″x600′ Domestic
  • 1/4″x1200′ Domestic Coil
  • 5/16″x600′ Domestic
  • 5/16″x1200′ Domestic Coil
  • 5/16″x1800′ Domestic Coil
  • 3/8″x600′ Domestic
  • 3/8″x1200′ Domestic Coil
  • 3/8″x1500′ Domestic Coil
  • 3/8″x1800′ Domestic Coil
  • 1/2″x600′ Domestic

Trap Line

Available in:

  • #10 – 1000’x5/16″
  • #9 – 1000’x9/32″
  • #8 – 1000’x1/4″

Power Cord (Bungee)

Available in:

  • 1/4″x500′ Black
  • 3/16″x500′ Black or White
  • 3/16″x150′ White

We also carry the items below:

Polydacron Rope 3/8″x600′Nylon Rope Double Braid 1/2″x300′ White
Polydacron Rope 1/2″x600′Nylon Rope Double Braid 1″x600′ White
Rope BurnerNylon Rope Twisted 1/2″x300′ White
Nylon Rope Solid Braid 1/8″x500′Nylon Rope Twisted 5/8″x300′ White
Nylon Rope Solid Braid 1/4″x1000′ WhiteNylon Rope Twisted 3/4″x600′ White
Nylon Rope Solid Braid 3/16″x1000′ WhiteNylon Rope Twisted 1″x600′ White
Nylon Rope Double Braid 3/8″x600′ Black