Galvanized After Welding (GAW) Wire

Galvanized After Welding (GAW) wire is made of high quality steel for strength and durability. Our wire is manufactured using a Galvanized After Welding (GAW) process that eliminates weak points in the galvanized coating, and creates a stronger weld that can be easily formed into custom cages. This type of product is commonly referred to as double galvanized wire since a zinc coating is added after the welding process. This process delays oxidation or rusting and is popular for bird and other animal applications. Our high quality Galvanized After Welding (GAW) wire is manufactured in the United States and in Italy.

1″x2″x18″x100′ 14G Baby Saver1/2″x3″x36″x50′ 12.5G
1/4″x1/4″x24″x100′ 23G1/2″x3″x48″x100′ 12.5G
1/4″x1/4″x36″x100′ 23G1/2″x3″x48″x50′ 10.5G or 12.5G
1/4″x1/4″x48″x100″ 23G1/2″x3″x60″x50′ 12.5G
1/2″x1/2″x11″x100′ 16G1/2″x3″x72″x50′ 10.5G or 12.5G
1/2″x1/2″x24x100′ 16G or 19G
1/2″x1/2″x36″x100′ 16G or 19G1″x1″x18″x100′ 14G
1/2″x1/2″x48″x100′ 16G or 19G1″x1″x24″x100′ 14G or 16G
1/2″x1″x11″x100′ 16G1″x1″x30″x100′ 14G
1/2″x1″x12″x100′ 16G1″x1″x36″x100′ 12.5G or 14G
1/2″x1″x18″x100′ 16G1″x1″x48″x100′ 12.5G or 14G
1/2″x1″x24″x100′ 14G or 16G1″x1″x60″x100′ 12.5G or 16G
1/2″x1″x30″x100′ 14G or 16G1″x1″x72″x100′ 12.5G or 14G
1/2″x1″x36″x100′ 14G or 16G1″x2″x14″x100′ 14G
1/2″x1″x48″x100′ 14G or 16G1″x2″x18″x100′ 14G
1/2″x1″x60″x100′ 16G1″x2″x24″x100′ 14G
1/2″x1″x72″x100′ 16G1″x2″x30″x100′ 14G
1/2″x2″x24″x100′ 14G1″x2″x36″x100′ 14G
1/2″x2″x36″x100′ 14G1″x2″x48″x100′ 12.5G or 14G
1/2″x2″x48″x100′ 14G1″x2″x72″x100′ 14G