Electra-Dyne Trap Pullers

We offer a selection of the Electra-Dyne electric trap hauler in both 10″ and 12″ configurations. Additionally, we stock a set of motors gear boxes and other replacement parts.

Backplate Top (10″ or 12″)Handle for Trap PullerMotor Washer
Coupling (1″ or 1.25″)Hub Bronze (10″ or 12″)Puller 10″ with Painted Disks
Davit Boom Pole with BaseHubcap Stainless Steel (10″ or 12″)Puller with Stainless Steel Disks (10″ or 12″)
Disks Painted Steel, Set of 2 (10″ or 12″)Bronze Splitter (Knife) with Gaskets & BoltsPuller 12″ with Stainless Steel Disk and Box
Disks Stainless Steel, Set of 2 (10″ or 12″)Motor 3/4 HorsepowerUHMW Bushing
Gear Box (20-1)Motor BearingFairlead Roller with Bolt
Gear Box Input SealMotor Brushes, eachRope Deflector
Gear Box Output SealMotor Casing with BrushesShims, Thick (10″ or 12″)
Gear Box FlangeMotor End Cap with BrushesShims, Thin (10″ or 12″)
Gear Box PlugMotor SpringsShroud, Bottom Piece (10″ or 12″)
Gear Box Shroud, Heavy DutyMotor Casing BoltSwitch Hand (with or without Handle)