Crabbing Supplies

We have a complete assortment of items necessary to build your own crab trap. These items include hooks, cull (escape) rings, reinforcing wire, cable ties, and biodegradable panels. Additional items include zinc bars and crab baskets.

Large Basket

Comes in Orange

Stainless Steel Crab Tongs

Measure 14″ long

Cull Rings

Available in Black circles and squares

Nylon Hooks in Large and Small

Plastic Ties

Available in:

  • 3/16″x8″
  • 3/8″x14″
  • 3/8″x8″

Reinforcing Wire Galvanized 12 – 12′ Piece

Reinforcing Wire Vinyl 12 G

Plastic Tote

Zinc Anode Bars

Available in Small and Large