Welcome to WA Davidson of Jax, Inc., supplier of specialty wire products to the pet, crabbing, and construction industries as well as prominent zoos throughout the country. We offer a wide selection of high quality domestically manufactured Galvanized After Welding (GAW) wire and vinyl-coated (PVC) wire. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, we have been a family business distributing wire products since 1977. WA Davidson of Jax, Inc. is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Wendell A. Davidson, Jr. and Susan Dockery Davidson.

In addition to our Galvanized After Welding and vinyl coated wire, we also offer a wide selection of products for the crabbing industry. These include ready-made traps or items to make your own crab traps-crab wire, hog rings, pliers, reinforcing wire, hooks, and cull (escape) rings. We offer a full line of products to outfit your trap such as rope, floats, crab irons, and trap pullers. Accessory items include gloves, boots and raingear (available soon).

We carry a complete selection of items for cage and aviary building. Products include ready-made small animal cages and trays. We also stock cage building supplies including ferrels, pliers, and latches.

Our wire products are used at zoos and popular tourist attractions throughout the United States for aviary and mammal exhibits. Vinyl coated wire is popular for fencing applications at state parks and nature preserves. We stock a wide selection of various mesh sizes and gauges.

We now require a $50 minimum total to process online order requests.